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In addition to holding special fundraising events during the school year, Thunderbolt participates in several programs that pay money to schools. By shopping at a particular store or buying a particular product, you can help.

Please check the options below. Read about which labels, box tops, etc. qualify, save them, and then turn them in at school so they can be redeemed.

Boxtops for Education from General Mills



An easy way to earn money for our school that doesn't cost you anything is by using Amazon Smile for your on-line shopping needs. Just go to

If you have ever shopped on you know how convenient it is and how much you can find on there. You will continue to shop the exact same way that you always do. The only difference is that when you first log on, it will ask you to choose a charity to donate to. Choose Thunderbolt Booster Club and that is it. A percentage of your total will be donated directly to the school. Once you bookmark the page, you won't have to ever remember to do anything again. You can also continue to use your current account if you already have one.